APUS Flugzeugmodell AERO2022

2023 for engineering a better world

The point of no return is approaching. The boreal forests are dying, the permafrost is thawing and emitting gigantic amounts of methane, the polar ice is melting. Climate change is progressing at breakneck speed – visible to everyone and no news. But we have the opportunity to influence. We ALL have to take responsibility and promote a societal rethinking process. The problem will not be solved by politicians or other individuals, but mainly by the people – by us.

APUS will make every effort to accelerate the technology transfer for aircraft engines also in 2023. In addition, APUS will also promote the expansion of renewable energies. Both areas are closely linked of course.

But we need your support. Therefore my appeal today is aimed primarily at the gratifyingly large number of those who have already understood that the reduction of fossil resources must have top priority.

Please discuss, explain, act and lead by example! Again and again and with all perseverance:

• Talk to your family and friends
• Involve children in the discussion, they understand it much more quickly and, with their innocent nature, can stimulate even adult stubborn people to think
• Design your everyday life in a way that protects resources and show others how well this can work and how much fun it brings. The physical effect might be small, but the psychological effect is all the greater
• Support ongoing measures and gives active support.
• Act efficiently (no greenwashing) and talk about it

I’m looking forward to the tasks of 2023 and I’m happy to be part of a generation that is playing a key role in shaping this change. Please join, there is no higher priority than that!

WE WISH A SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR – engineering a better world!

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