Stricter Rules for Airlines in the CO2 Emissions Trading System

There is a new agreement on stricter rules for airlines in the CO2 emissions trading system in the EU!

According to this, airlines have had to pay for the emissions of greenhouse gases from flights within Europe for ten years in order to have an incentive to reduce CO2. So far, a large part of the pollution rights has been allocated to them free of charge. This quota will be reduced by 25 percent in 2024, by 50 percent in 2025 and completely eliminated in 2026, the EU Parliament said.
At APUS Group, our aim is to make air traffic 100% emission-free and uncompromisingly climate-neutral – with green hydrogen as an energy carrier. For many years, APUS has focused on research how hydrogen can be used safely and economically.

Quelle: Handelsblatt – Klimawandel 07.12.2022